Bauhu Homes

Bauhu homes offers a range of light steel framed buildings and prefabricated homes designed to suit most applications. The steel frame constructions offer an extremely cost effective, fast and flexible building system with attractive designs to blend into local environments and suit most budgets.

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  • Baühu light steel frame buildings can be engineered to withstand any climate and the steel structure is guaranteed for 100 years.
  • Assembly of Baühu does not require any specialist equipment. The use of local labour under the supervision of our staff will provide the most cost effective method of assembly.
  • Designed and manufactured by computerized software ensuring structure corresponds to local climatic conditions such as high winds or seismic activity by inputting current building
    regulations for your area.
  • Modular components allows for a short manufacturing process, delivery and installation time.


Bauhu prefabricated buildings are manufactured and finished to individual customer requirements so we can provide any type of building from luxury villas to simple affordable housing projects.



  • Light stainless steel frame – termite and moisture resistant; ships easily and assembles quickly. 100 year guarantee.
  • Flat roof design accommodates Solar PV panels, rain water collection and purification system for domestic use.
  • Rockwool insulation for heat protection, and Du Pont water permeability resistance
  • Durable mechanical ventilated exterior cladding for maximum insulation
  • Security-grade windows and doors providing state of the art heat and sound insulation
  • Low-voltage LED lighting system, energy efficient equipment, and computer controlled power management systems
  • Completely customizable models starting at $57,000.00 Canadian or $50/sq ft.