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Welcome to Panama Lifestyles

Panama Lifestyles is an opportunity for westerners looking to relocate to a tropical environment and live comfortably, sustainbly and care free. The location: Playa Las Comadres, Los Santos, Panama offers economic incentives, geo-political stability, and a sensitvity to the concept of sustainable, green living. The property is situated in the driest region of Panama having two distinct seasons with predictable climate. Whether using your property as a vacation retreat or a full-time residence, healthy lifestyle choices are infused into the entire development and accessible year-round. Choose the modular pre-fabricated home design of your choice from one of our preferred builders, customize to your specifications, and have our local construction crew build and install for you. Choose from 4 ocean view lots each a 1/2 acre in size, and enjoy incredible outdoor space, privacy, and a secluded environment. Learn to plant fruit trees and vegetables for a change of pace or adorn your lot with an organic garden. The possibilities are only bound by your imagination.

45 Places to Go in 2012.
Panama sits at #1:

- New York Times Travel

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